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Having your cake…and paying for it

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Reflections on the future of social science in UK universities

I don’t usually comment on UK politics at This is largely because I want the content on this site to reflect my particular research interests and activity. My expertise lies in the intersection of political philosophy and international politics. More specifically, my interests are in thinking about the inter-related topics of cities, security and political violence. I have therefore, largely confined myself to comments on these issues. However, as a politics scholar at a UK Higher Education (UKHE) institution, the nature and future of social sciences in UK universities is something I am both interested and invested in. (more…)

Urbicide reviewed

Monday, October 18th, 2010

coward_urbicideMy book Urbicide: The Politics of Urban Destruction is reviewed in the latest issue of Global Discourse I have supplied a introduction outlining the basic argument of Urbicide as well as a response to the reviewers.

You can find my introduction, the reviews and my response, here:

As with all research, the monograph represents a snapshot of thought about this variety of urban violence, rather than the last word on it. Reflecting on that snapshot, I think there is much I still agree with, but there are also things I would change. This has thus been a valuable opportunity to reflect on my argument about the widespread and deliberate destruction of urban fabric and to highlight what I think its key contributions are as well as to ponder some of its limitations.

My thanks to the reviewers for their thoughts as well as to the editors of Global Discourse for both the original invitation and their work compiling and publishing the review section.