Martin, October 2009

Welcome to martincoward.net

This is the site for Dr Martin Coward.

Here you can find information regarding my research, publications and teaching.

I also write a sporadic blog, with updates on current projects and teaching as well as critical commentary on events and/or issues that are on my mind.

About me

I am a Reader in International Politics at The University of Manchester. Prior to working at Manchester, I worked at Newcastle University and The University of Sussex. I completed a PhD at Newcastle University (via Keele), an MA at Essex and a BA at Kent.

I work at the intersection of International Political Theory and Security Studies and am particularly concerned with questions of war, violence, (in)security, identity, and community. To date my research has focused on the conceptual understanding of (in)security and organised violence in an urban context, particularly the ‘urbanisation of security’, attacks on critical infrastructure and urbicide. My current research addresses the political and ethical entailments of network thinking, particularly insofar as it legitimates various forms of violence. My work is informed by post-structuralist international theory and continental philosophy (especially the work of Martin Heidegger, Jean-Luc Nancy and William Connolly).


A full CV is available on request.